EZ School Lunch
Point of Sale

EZ School Lunch software is a full POS that handles credit card payments, lunch ordering online, and free/reduced lunch.

EZ School Lunch POS - $695

EZ School Lunch Student - $400

EZ School Lunch Homeroom - $300

EZ Substitute

EZ Substitute Management software manages all school employee absences online. The application allows for the substitutes to be assigned to these days.

EZ Substitute Management - $500

EZ Teacher Attendance Tracker - $250

EZ After School
Care Program

EZ After School Care software tracks the checkin and checkout time of the students and calculates the amount owed. Parents submit credit card payments online or they can hand money or checks into the office.

EZ After School Software - $500

EZ School Lunch

EZ School Lunch Catering software is a full POS and free/reduced lunch. Parents can signup, preorder meals in the preorder window the caterer decides, and pay with credit cards online.

EZ School Lunch Catering - $695

EZ Substitute

EZ Substitute Agency software helps agency manage the employee absences and fill these with substitutes. The subs receive alerts and can take jobs from an app on their phone or computer.

EZ Substitute Agency - $2.00 per filled job

EZ School

EZ School Payments software allows schools to assign payments to students so their parents can pay by credit card online or send in a check. Reports can be created for Finance.

EZ School Payments - $500

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