EZ Substitute Agency

Substitute agency software

EZ Substitute Agency allows employees to submit absences such as vacation, sick, and professional days online.

This solution also allows for text messages to be sent out to substitutes so they can be informed of substitute opportunities. This will cut down on the amount of time the adminsitrators or secretaries spend in the morning contacting substitutes. All this is done in an online manner giving everyone visibility to help manage employee attendance.

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Substitute Agency Software Pricing

First time users have a 30 day free trial that begins from the time you start using the system, not when you sign up. If you are satisfied, simply continue with the service and you will be billed shortly after.

We are confident that when your school system implements our program that it will be easy to use and cost effective.

Cost is $2.00 per filled job.


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Substitute Agency Software Reviews

“We’re a small school that needed an easy, low-cost solution that could manage our substitute tracking and placement process. Since discovering EZ Substitute Agency, the entire process has been phenomenal. The free trial enabled us to test the system, set up only took a couple of hours, and since we’ve gone live, it’s working exactly as advertised.”

Maryann Macri
Associate Director of School Operations
Sizer School

“Before implementing EZ Substitute Agency, we were doing everything manually with emails and phone calls. We weren’t sure we could afford technology that would help, but we were wrong when we found EZ School Apps. The EZ Substitute Agency solution has automated the process from tracking absences online to sending automated emails and text messages to our substitute community alerting them of opportunities. The system has saved us significant administrative time and its price point can’t be beat. We’re very happy to be an EZ School Apps customer.”

Claire Haley
Office Assistant
Southern Wake Academy


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Substitute Agency Software FAQs

Q: What is the EZ Substitute Agency software?
A: EZ Substitute Agency software provides a simple online solution to track each employee's attendance, sick days and vacation. After the absences have been submitted the application will send text messages alerting substiutes of the opportunity.

Q: What are the benefits to using EZ Substitute Agency software?
A: EZ Substitute Agency software eliminates the need of managing multiple spreadsheets and reduces manual errors by having all the data in one simple to use online system.

Q: Is there a limit to how many employees can be inputted into the EZ Substitute Agency software?
A: There is no limit to the number of employees that can be inputted in.

Q: How big does the school have to be?
A: There is no size limit and can handle both large districts and small districts.

Q: Why is an EZ Substitute Agency software necessary?
A: EZ Substitute Agency is for schools looking for an easy way to track employee's attendance, sick days and vacation and provide accurate reports.

Q: What is EZ Substitute Agency?
A: EZ Substitute Agency assists with substitute assignments by providing easy access and early view of when a teacher is due to be out so that the proper substitute can be assigned on a timely basis.


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