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The EZ School Catering software is a full point of sale option that handles credit card payments, lunch ordering online, and free/reduced lunch tracking.

The EZ School Catering option gives schools the full suite of options for half the cost of our competitors and with no setup cost.

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School Lunch Catering Pricing

First time users have a 30 day free trial that begins from the time you start using the system, not when you sign up. If you are satisfied, simply continue with the service and you will be billed shortly after.

We are confident that when your school system implements our school food service software that it will be easy to use and cost effective.

The cost is $1.75 per student per year with a minimum of $695 per school.

Discount pricing available for school districts with multiple schools.

Calculate amount per school:

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School Cartering Software Reviews

“We looked for years for the right solution that could handle school lunch payments, parent pre-ordering, and homeroom pre-ordering to manage our school lunch process. EZ School Lunch has been everything we had hoped for. We love how easy it is to use, our parents appreciate the flexibility, the customer service is amazing, and given we’re a smaller school, we’re thrilled with the price point.”

Tracy Gamble
Cafeteria Accounts
Northside Christian

“We have seven schools using EZ School Catering and everyone from parents, to administrators, to the cafeteria staff is very happy with how simple and fast it has made our school lunch process. We needed to be able to have advanced notice for meals so that we could better plan what we’re preparing for our students. The Parent Pre-Ordering feature has really helped with that as well. We also appreciate how easy it is to run reports with the system as we have more than 2300 students and need to track free and reduced lunch counts as well. We would absolutely recommend EZ School Lunch to schools of all sizes.”

Kristi Mobray
Food Service Director
Sonoran Schools

“We offer our catering service to multiple schools in the Cincinnati area and we needed a system that could give them peace of mind that we would handle not only meals, but parent pre-ordering and payments. We got the EZ School Lunch system up and running within a day and feedback from our employees and school customers has been fantastic. If you’re looking for an easy to use solution that is reliable and affordable, look no further than EZ School Lunch.”

Jeremy Thompson
Kaldis Catering


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School Catering Software FAQs

Q: What is the EZ School Catering Software online option?
A: EZ School Catering is a full suite for school cafeteria management that includes Free/Reduced Lunch tracking, school POS software, parent credit card payments online, and parent or teacher preordering of lunches.

Q: Who should be looking into this solution?
A: The EZ School Catering is for administrators, food service managers, teachers and secretaries looking for a complete school lunch program. Some of the schools that are currently using the system are public schools, small schools, charter schools, private schools, christian schools, catholic schools, muslim schools, and Montessori schools.

Q: Is there a limit to how many students can be on the system?
A: There is no limit to the number of students that can be inputted into the EZ School Catering software Package.

Q: How big does the school have to be?
A: There is no size limit and can handle both large districts and small districts.

Q: Why is the EZ School Catering Software necessary?
A: EZ School Lunch POS is key to getting a full school cafeteria point of sale application while also lowering your budget.


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