EZ School Announcements Software


The online EZ School Announcements software sends announcements to all employees of your school.

The EZ School Announcements solution includes the ability to send announcements to all school employees. Teachers typically review the announcements as part of their start of day when submitting their food counts, student attendance, or workflow.


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First time users have a 30 day free trial that begins from the time you start using the system, not when you sign up. If you are satisfied, simply continue with the service and you will be billed shortly after.

We are confident that when your school system implements our program that it will be easy to use and cost effective.

EZ School Announcements costs $200 per school per year.


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Q: What is the EZ School Announcements software?
A: The EZ School Announcements provides a simple online solution to give employees the lastest announcements.

Q: What are the benefits to using EZ School Announcements software?
A: EZ School Announcements eliminates the use of managing multiple emails and reduces manual errors by having all the data in one simple to use online system.  It works best if users are logging into the system regulary when you using another application such as EZ School Lunch, EZ Teacher Attendance, EZ Student Attendance, or EZ School Workflow.

Q: Is there a limit to how many employees can be inputted into the online EZ School Announcements software?
A: There is no limit to the number of employees that can be inputted in.

Q: How big does the school have to be?
A: There is no size limit and can handle both large districts and small districts.

Q: Why is an EZ School Announcements software necessary?
A: EZ School Announcements is for schools looking for an easy way to send employee announcements on a regular basis.


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